America the Beautiful

Our calendar is filled this weekend. Independence Day in a military town means celebrations at every turn. It means huge fireworks displays and red, white, and blue adorning each home. It means if you want the patriotic decor and accessories from the Target Hot Spot you better act fast. We are armed with light up American flags, glow bracelets, patriotic necklaces and matching outfits. We’ve got our ear muffs to protect little ears, sunscreen, and plenty of water. Here, we celebrate the land of the free, alongside the brave.

As we prepare to spend our weekend celebrating at races, beaches, cook outs, and fireworks shows I can’t help but pause to be thankful to live in a country that allows all of my children access to the freedoms in our condition. I don’t have to look too far back in the history books to see a time when children born with Down syndrome, like my daughter, and other disabilities were not afforded these rights. I celebrate this day not only for my country, but for my sweet girl who has the right to pursue happiness right along with her typical sisters. She will attend school, and continue to college if she pleases. She can have a job she loves and marry if she wishes. Freedoms that I have to remind myself not to take for granted, especially for her.

Our system isn’t perfect, but this weekend we let freedom ring. We are thankful to live in a country where Down syndrome doesn’t limit her life. And we are thankful to spend the weekend with our hero.



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