World Down Syndrome Day

Sometimes the best advocates come in the smallest packages. They write from the heart, and want to share with their friends. There is no hesitation, no second guessing the syntax, or the message; only words from the heart. Words shared with her kindergarten class, pictures shared, and Down Syndrome normalized to twenty 5 and 6 year olds; Everly is a person, a sister, a friend. Kaylee Dee makes me proud in so many ways, and her love for her little sisters is just one of them. I just found this in the folder I’ve kept to save in Kaylee Dee’s School Memories book. Written on the back of her morning work on March 21.

WDSD 2017

“It’s World Down Syndrome Day. Horray for Everly. World Down Syndrome Day is to celebrate people with Down Syndrome.” Finley, Everly, me(Kaylee Dee) and Mom.

Information/coloring page, speech, and picture Kaylee Dee shared with her class.


One thought on “World Down Syndrome Day

  1. This is so beautiful! I know that it made your mama heart swell with pride and your beautiful daughters will watch out for one and other the rest of their lives! Thanks so much for sharing over at the T21 blog hop!

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